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By Swuzze

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The past few months has been very VERY hectic indeed! Preparation of working models, volunteering for programs, both internal and external examinations. OH! It’s been massively stressful. Literally speaking, it’s really hard for me to account a night where I got sleep for more than 8 hours.

However, there’s something that fueled me up. A great cheers to all those cups of coffee that I made in the middle of the night with utmost care and kindness so that I don’t wake someone else up by banging and drumming my cup against the coffee mate jar (I’m a re..ally clumsy person).  If it was not for coffee, I don’t think I could have survived the last year of my Indian high schooling and the famous Indian education pressure, in a way that I somehow managed.

Nevertheless, it has been a years of joy and gloom. I made some of the best people in the world my best mates and I know they are going to have my back whenever I need them. All the hard work, the late night stay ups, the pressure for completion and maintaining them notes pays off at the end of the day.


Happiness to me
Is your cheerful lips to see
Time when we walked
Hand in hand, through eyes we talk

Separated by miles
Away from ages
My eyes waiting to see you smile
At least leave your traces.

Without You

Time takes long to heal
It keeps moving without a deal

Without you is always so cold
The letters now lie without folds

Untouched memories comes back
Making a thrust up your neck

As the tears fall down
Voice blurs its sound

Mind Over Heart

“Don’t let them see you with tears. Be brave and be strong.” said the mind
“Let those emotions out.. nothing will change ” said the heart
“I’ll be brave and strong everyday until I die” she replied supressing her heart


The words turn blur
Thinking back, about the day,
Squeezing the heart to clear
All the emotions left unsaid

Time freezes
Turns as cold as stone
Bleed, the wishes
That once held a rhythmic tone

Unseen scars, deep treasured
Needs remain unlightened
Seconds escape without any measure
Hits the soul creating dents.


Sweet as sugar
Calm as a river
Kind as a mother
Funny as a joker

All of a sudden..
Comes turning of the tables
Making me feeble
He turns into a monster
Rages like wildfire

Beast at heart
Soul is stone hard
Ghost in mind
These are his sign.



Our bones are crystals on fire
Lips holds the heart of desire
Bare skin is the perfect attire.

Moves are never more clearer
The jolt of fire melts us
Every inch reduces as we come nearer.

Senses turn numb with the gears up
Looks on eyes are never more abrupt
As they carry the promise developed.


As I walk down the lane
Something holds me back
I try to move closer
Happens that the more I move away further

Words burn like fire
Color of it is now an attire
They slice me up into two
The fake was the only truth

I hope to keep visiting
Into this mind of yours, with that power
I want to be that memory
That pours thunder as it showers


The Girl

Her attitude is savage
Her eyes run away in deep thoughts
She’s as cold as the ice
As awaken as she was bought

Her rudeness is the show
As she walked separately from love
She lives to remember her past
But dies everyday for her past

She is the story on people behold
Her loudest words are silent and still
She is ruled out, away from the crowd

She is the voice not the echo
She is young not with her actions
She is the hope, she is in us.