The very first post…

by Swuzze

Forget all the things why it wont work and remember one reason why it will. :’)

Hello world!

My name is Swuzeloo.




I’ve always wanted to create my own blog ever since i knew that blogging is a thing! Yes, today blogging has become a part and parcel of every second person we find walking on the streets. However, there are some people (like myself) who are scared to appear on a part of the internet and these people are named as introverts, shy, with-no-self-confidence etc etc..

Nevertheless, some among us try to come out of our shells , to do something we really wanna do and today I’ve decided to break open that shell of mine and occupy this little space of the world which gives me happiness.


I don’t have a good DSLR or even an Iphone to take cool pictures with and upload here as i keep writing (I’m sorry!) . Moreover, i do not go out quite recent as to take many pictures but I will certainly try my best to make an aesthetic blog by my words (fingers crossed).

I hope that i can make you happy by the type of content I put in here, the content which i would call ‘My Diary of Life’.

Have a nice day! :3

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