The Sunset

by Swuzze

Its almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.

Hi there,

I’m here yet again with my very second blog post. As of recent activities over the summer vacations I observed myself very keenly. I have come to a conclusion that I really really like nature and its photography. So, hereby today I’ll be taking you to a ride inside my head about SUNSETS!

One of the most beautiful thing that a person can see on earth is the phenomenon of sunset and sunrise. The red flaming sky is the new born of a new beginning which brings up new chances and opportunities everyday in everyone’s lives.

Man has invented a million of beautiful things with his knowledge and creative skills . However, he has not managed to overpower the nature. Even after the invention of lights which help get rid of darkness, man has found no way which can eliminate the need of sun everyday. After all, a bulb certainly cannot remove the darkness of the whole world but only where it is lit up.

Many people see a sunset and romanticize the most beautiful moments of their lives for their futures in front. Yes, it ought to. Sunset is the beginning of a new start, a new day, a new life. It brings darkness all over when the sun decides to fall for the day and take a nap leaving people having to get scared of the demons inside them. In contrast, darkness is the first step towards the ultimate light.

Above all, would you know what happiness would feel like without having experienced sadness and darkness in life?  Similarly, there is positive over all negativity, hope over all lost wars and courage over those demons amongst us.

I hope you like my posts.

I’ll see you again very soon.

Have a nice day. :3

Signing out