by Swuzze


The past few months has been very VERY hectic indeed! Preparation of working models, volunteering for programs, both internal and external examinations. OH! It’s been massively stressful. Literally speaking, it’s really hard for me to account a night where I got sleep for more than 8 hours.

However, there’s something that fueled me up. A great cheers to all those cups of coffee that I made in the middle of the night with utmost care and kindness so that I don’t wake someone else up by banging and drumming my cup against the coffee mate jar (I’m a clumsy person).  If it was not for coffee, I don’t think I could have survived the last year of my Indian high schooling and the famous Indian education pressure, in a way that I somehow managed.

Nevertheless, it has been a years of joy and gloom. I made some of the best people in the world my best mates and I know they are going to have my back whenever I need them. All the hard work, the late night stay ups, the pressure for completion and maintaining them notes pays off at the end of the day.